Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Day’s War

This Day’s War

Awake those tired eyes in the early morn
Stretch the limbs to know that you are again re-born
Yawn to disconnect the facial paralysis
Look deep in the mirror for a quick carcass analysis

Strut your butt to the toilet bowl
Evacuate your innards to flush yesterday down the hole
Clean the bum of all excess residue
Sound the trumpet as you blow your nose after the first catchoo

Polish the pearly whites to enhance the smile
Shower but make sure not to slip on the mildew tile
Lather everything from head to toe
Private parts will require an extra scrub for that special glow

Wipe the water off with a warm cotton towel
Blow dry the hair as you emulate the wise old owl
Cosmetically manipulate the face to make it glisten
A little fragrant cologne will then the body christen

Choose a sexy thong to keep protected the fleshy faucet
Dry-cleaned attire ready for selection in the moth-balled closet
Wrinkled leather shoes await their calling by the trembling door
Welcome my friends to this day’s war.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

To Americans:

There is no debt-ceiling. It’s a glass ceiling. Your politicians, bankers and CEO’s have constructed this fictitious barrier to protect themselves and destroy you. This ceiling has been increased without fanfare dozens of times. What Americans have not asked is why you keep getting deeper in debt.

It’s time to awaken your senses, put on your shoes and get the hammers out. You can’t keep printing money and then give it to multi-nationals. Most of your corporations have billions of dollars in their bank accounts – they won’t invest in you. Your politicians are bought and paid for. The White House should be painted black with a statue of Lucifer above it. Walk 13 blocks north and stop at the House of the Temple – therein lies your true government.

Here are some simple statistics. There are 311 million people in the USA, of which 111 million people pay taxes. 25 million people are unemployed, 45 million are on food stamps and 66 million are retired social security recipients. Two-thirds of your population is dependent on the other 1/3. The biggest economy in the world should be creating jobs, not more debt.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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