Monday, July 18, 2011

To My Grandson Damiano – A Gift from God – Born and Died July 18, 2011

To my Grandson Damiano – A Gift from God – Born and Died July 18, 2011

My little Suzanne, your mother, knew you intimately for the past six months. To the rest of us you were simply a bump in her belly. Your mother never complained about you. Unfortunately your grandmother and I could not say the same thing about your mother. She gets a bit hot under the collar, as you may well know. Endi, your dad plays soccer when he can’t win with your mom. My hunch is that he had a brand new soccer ball for you too. Today I held your tiny body in my arms. I had never held an angel before. You were absolutely beautiful. The doctor told us that your placenta had detached. You provided no sign that something was wrong. You probably did not want to worry your mom and dad or the rest of us.

You have brought immense joy and pride to your parents and to the rest of your family. That’s pretty good for a little guy with no history. We had never met you, but we loved you from day one. You in all likelihood would have been a spoiled brat. You also have made some very old people great-grandparents. They too, miss you already. Damiano, you were supposed to break furniture not our hearts.

I asked God to bring you back to us, but He must be busy with other prayers. I have asked Jesus to take care of you until we meet again. My prayer is that your tiny body and memory will bring our family harmony and love for all time. Seldom does such a little rascal leave such a big impression without even making it to the stage.

Damiano, I love you. My hunch is that your grandmother loves you even more. Your mother and father adore you, but God loved you most of all. Keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers and be an “angel of love” to your parents. Uncle Armand had a telescope waiting for you. Now he will be looking for you in the stars and heavens. Smile back sometimes.

I almost forgot to tell you. You probably heard “Ali” barking around the house. Your mother brought this tiny terror from Italy (Ali-Talia). Your mother loves to travel and has been everywhere. Ali is a Yorkshire-Terrier and I am sure he had a bunch of licks waiting for you. You know he got very sick at the same time as you. He stayed with the Vet for three days. When he returned home he did something he had never done – he cried. He misses you too.

Rest in peace my little angel. Much love and licks.
Grandpa Joe, Grandma Mary, Armand and the rest of your loving family.

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