Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Colours of Man

The Colours of Man

An elastic membrane sheaths the human corpse
The skull encases the device of perceptibility
A caged tongue languishes in the fleshy abyss
Eyes absorb creation with each flickering breach

The four corners of man are as the formidable as the great pyramids. Atop these grand structures once shone a great light. That light was the symbolic pathway to the Creator. All that segregates Man on Earth is the distance between those four corners of the pyramid – a distance which diminishes as we climb the steps of enlightenment together.

The possibility of enlightenment is a function of skin. Our reaction to one another is tempered by what see and how we perceive an individual’s colour. Our spoken words are chosen more carefully when the recipient of our thoughts, vary in hue.

The four corners of the pyramid are painted red, yellow, black and white and they are symbolic of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. The harmony of colour and the forces of Nature will protect Man from any form of annihilation. The pyramid will stand when all other structures collapse. This is the simplicity of our existence.

In the veins of creation flows the colour red
Existence nurtured by a searing yellow sun
Blackened nights remind us of the once void
Light as white makes unambiguous our true essence

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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