Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Consumer Confidence

Consumer Confidence

“Consumer Confidence”- this the current economic indicator to prognosticate the state of the global financial condition. This index is like the weather forecast. A by-product of corrupt banking & politics, or weather manipulation (i.e. HAARP). Let us look at some current economic data.


U.K........ -30.00%.... 4.40%....7.70%....0.50%
Germany.. -9.00%.... 2.40%....7.00%....1.50%
Japan..... 37.70%.... 0.20%....4.60%....0.00%
USA....... 59.50%.... 3.60%....9.10%....0.25%
Spain..... 74.90%.... 3.10%....20.89%...1.50%
Canada.... 81.30%.... 3.10%....7.20%....1.00%
France.... 86.00%.... 1.90%....9.70%....1.50%
Italy....... 103.70%.... 2.70%....8.10%....1.50%
China..... 108.10%.... 6.50%....4.10%....6.56%

By examining the data above we can reach certain conclusions. The U.K. has a serious economic credibility problem, the highest inflation rate and an unemployment issue. Germans appear to be panicking, yet their other financial indicators appear strong. Apart from the fact that Japan was attacked by HAARP and the Federal Reserve the economy appears stable. We can certainly understand the apathy experienced by the death and destruction. The U.S.A. is 50/50, just like its leaders - 50% corrupt and 50% Freemasons. Most of their data was manufactured by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs so it would be rendered meaningless. Especially when we know their unemployment rate is close to 18%, and there are more people on food stamps than the entire population of Canada. But look at Spain, France and Italy. These countries are being attacked by hedge funds, snake pits, cockroaches, the IMF and Central Banks, yet the people appear to have a positive outlook. Inflation is relatively low even though unemployment is on the high side. I guess the French, Italian and Spanish can feel good about any situation. A glass of wine and cheese for everyone Umberto!

The Royal House of Windsor and its colony the U.S.A have severe economic problems but no one seems to be addressing them. What is completely unexplainable is why investors are flocking to U.S. treasuries. Is it smart financial decision-making or is the Military pointing a bomb at these investors? Ask Egypt, Libya and Syria and see what they have to say.

Canada has decided to support the U.K. in its economic demise. Prime Minister Harper announced that we will again add the word “Royal” in naming our Military. This word was removed decades ago. I guess when the U.K. experiences a “Royal Flush” our Prime Minister will be there to lend Elizabeth a hanky. The English Monarchy is one of the reasons we have a global confidence problem, yet Canada does its best to support it. Harper has just re-confirmed his globalist agenda. When he spoke of “Moral Equivalence” at the Conservative Party convention I guess he was playing “Truth or Consequences”.

If you have not noticed, the most successful economy in the world has a high central bank rate and high inflation. If we had a 6% interest rate in Canada most retirees would be able to retire with confidence. The western political systems have sold us out live, stock and barrel to the banks. They want to control the global capital by offering a risk-based return that in the end will bankrupt most individuals and nations. Yes Canada we have high real estate values, but most people have large mortgages to support that purchase decision. A tax system must be supported by an equitable interest rate system or it becomes unsustainable.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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