Monday, August 22, 2011

The Doctrine of Obsolescence and Productivity

The Doctrine of Obsolescence and Productivity

Amidst the global financial predicament economists and politicians, now more than ever, talk about productivity. They all seem to come to the same conclusion. Reducing the input costs of production would make a country much more competitive. Those inputs are typically plant & equipment and labour. What they will not tell you is that while productivity may increase with improved mechanization and reduced labour inputs, unemployment will grow. What they will also not tell you is that the “Doctrine of Obsolescence” is the main driver of the global economy. We continue to thrive on changing fashion, the continuum of shifting technology and wasteful spending. Most of our products are designed to have a limited life cycle – either built-in or made to be obsolete for various reasons. The ideology of obsolescence is a key contributor to global pollution and global economic chaos.

Being competitive would also mean that we should be a resourceful nation. Our ability to invest in research and development and create new industry would then off-set the growth in unemployment. When was the last time Canada became an innovator? Our governments, banks and corporations are much more content in investing off-shore and growing resource based industries. This will not sustain Canada or any nation. Sacred Technology, if one has not heard the term, would be a much more credible solution. To some degree productivity and innovation died centuries ago or at least within the last century. Tesla, Marconi and Fermi brought to science innovations which could have made this planet a paradise, yet we have allowed greed to foster the necessity for power, money, poverty, war and human degradation. Einstein and Hawking are pimples compared to these great minds.

Mr. Hawking, your hypothesis of creation is completely incorrect. You stated that the universe started as a “Singularity or Black Hole”. You should know that a Black Hole is formed by the death of a star. Who made the star Mr. Hawking? For this you provided no answer. Please take your Masonic hypothesis and shove it where the sun does not shine.

Productivity from a globalist sense means that we have allowed for the centralization of power, continued influence of multi-national corporations, growth of failed government unions and/or treaties, the centralization of global wealth/capital and the death of the small business entrepreneur. Access to capital and the growing desire for the “Too Big to Fail and Governments” to control patents has also made the average investor much more prone to failure.

Productivity is a steroid that will have adverse effects on nations. We have chosen the wrong path again. As a result, structural unemployment will continue to be a growing trend, as will be poverty and hunger. The only way to undo this calamity is to fully integrate sacred technology on this planet, and stop war. Finally, the age-old economic pillars known as demand and supply, should be renamed need and benefit.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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