Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London is Burning!

London is Burning!

ALERT - Mr. Obama and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex

The “Great Wen” is burning and there is revolution in the streets. Mr. Obama, please deploy your armies and start bombing key strategic points in London. Let us put an end to this anarchy and depose a sick Queen and her incompetent government. Yes, in fact, put the monarchy and the British aristocracy on trial for centuries-old crimes of genocide and slavery. Why let the grand sport end in Egypt or Libya? Onward with your conquering armies! There you will not find oil but rather the oil barons. Dial 911 to deploy the NATO forces. In fact, contact our Defence Minister Peter McKay. He has trained to put his life on the line rather than his words.

But why stop in London Mr. Obama? Let us get those troops packed and ready to invade Chile. There, the disaffected youth have been rioting in the streets for months. Perhaps then, Mr. Obama, you can move into Israel and over-throw Mr. Netanyahu. Yes, his people are in revolt. The Wailing Wall is crying for economic help!

Mr. Obama the “Policeman of the World” is in great demand. What will you do with the political and banking criminals? They can no longer hide the corruption and dishonesty. Run Mr. Obama, run to Kenya and make a quick stop in Somalia. There the economic forecast is bleak. All you will find is hunger and death.

Mr. Obama, the mirror portends of an apathy growing in your own backyard. It is silently stirring as the homeless, jobless, sick and weary grow tired of Wall Street and a corrupt government. Your next television broadcast should feature your two financial vultures. Have Greenspan and Bernanke flank your side when you next speak to the American people. The eagle has long fallen from the skies.

Hurry Mr. Obama, hurry! The people of London are waiting.
Joseph Pede

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