Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Masonic Rituals Never End

The Masonic Rituals Never End

Goldman Sachs announced today that it would open a new stock exchange in Canada – named “SIGMA X”.

The SIGMA system is known as a "dark pool" market — one that would allow investors to anonymously buy and sell stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The stock market will be financed by numerous investors in addition to Goldman, including brokers, hedge funds and institutions....August 18, 2011 The Canadian Press

There are three very important facts to consider:

1. Why would the Canadian Securities Agency allow this proposed stock market to operate in secrecy? Why would one of the most financially obnoxious banks in the world be permitted to corrupt the Canadian financial landscape?
2. This arrangement will make rampant insider-trading, and heighten white-colour crime activity. We can arrest protestors but not the individuals who have created global economic chaos, caused the death of millions, created global hunger, and paralyzed the citizenry of the world. Prime Minister Cameron of England is a walking example of a corrupt political hypocrite, much like his peers.
3. The ambiguity of the word “institutions” means that the Federal Reserve or London Stock Exchange could secretly invade our capital markets.

Finally, the name assigned to this exchange has been carefully chosen. This is a “Masonic Ritual”. The Greek letter SIGMA has a value of 18 – typically the addition of the numbers 666. “Chi” which is denoted by the letter X, is symbolic of the Christ. You will also note that the creation of this new stock exchange was made public in the eight month (4+4) of the eighteenth day (6+6+6) of the year 2011 (4). In the date we see the summation of numbers 444 and 666. I have written about the significance of these numbers in my earlier BLOG commentaries. The SIGMA X denotes the launch of the anti-Christ monetary system.

666 = Devil, X = Christ or Messiah. Therefore, this is the birth of the Devil’s Messiah (i.e. I used this terminology in one of my earlier commentaries as well). Let us see what happens on October 18!

Keep the Devil and Goldman Sachs out of Canada. Send them packing to the Windsor Queen and P.M. Cameron, with best wishes for the Satan worshipping Rothschilds.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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