Monday, August 29, 2011



Governments cannot manage our money. Politicians first find a way of enriching themselves, as a primary protocol, and then never stop taxing us. Taxation is directly proportional to the salaries and pensions of government employees.

Banks know not the value of money. Bankers find solace only in debt and bonuses. They manage debt by issuing more debt and then reward themselves for having escaped prosecution from their illicit Ponzi schemes.

Economic pun dents have wonderful graduate degrees. But current economic activities follow no historical trends. Economic activity now centers itself around the continuum of a debt crisis. Its primary goal is to meet the needs of those who profit the most from the crisis (Monarchs, Bankers, CEO’s and in a nutshell, high-ranking Freemasonry) and leave the fall-out to the masses.

Stock markets no longer sell share value. Brokers now peddle stocks that have every ounce of future profit built in. If you miss the appreciation in stock value at the onset, you will certainly enjoy the ride down. If you are lucky you may have bought a financial instrument whose market value is not known to anyone, especially you.

Our financial markets no longer sell real commodities. Commodity trading has become fractionalized and FIAT based. A pound of gold is sold as an ounce of paper, and 33 pieces of silver are now available in bound certificates.

Central banks were established to regulate monetary policy and set fair interest rates so that it could compliment a fair taxation system. We now earn no interest and pay all the taxes imaginable.

Central Bank Governors get well paid to move an interest rate a quarter of a percentage point. My bowel movement requires more thought and preparation eH!

Silver and Gold Please,
Joseph Pede

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