Friday, August 26, 2011

Political Freemasonry Fears Jack Layton Even in Death

Political Freemasonry Fears Jack Layton Even in Death

Most politicians self-aggrandize their achievements and welcome the fanfare of colleagues when they leave public office or retire. One must remember that these individuals make “no sacrifice” when they enter the political arena. They are appointed by the party hierarchy to run in specific ridings and if they fail they are rewarded with lucrative public servant jobs. Even in lost elections or embarrassing situations our political refuse finds a new home in the upper echelons of our public service or corporate boardrooms.

Jack was different. This member of a political family dynasty could have opted for a much easier political path. Instead he chose to rebuild an unpopular political party. This is statesmanship. His transformation of the NDP party helped convert the social mind-set of many Canadians, and ultimately altered the “Separatist Attitude” in Quebec. This in and of itself is a great political achievement. Jack, at some point, could be credited with the re-unification of Canada. No small feat when you consider that this country once invoked the war measures act to contain extremist separatist actions.

But Jack did more. He engaged a once dormant youth and challenged his opponents with relevant mainstream issues - issues that typically never made it to the stage at national debates.

I, like many Canadians, probably never considered Jack a viable political leader, until the last election. There comes a moment in a person’s life when their character illuminates something more than themselves. Perhaps for Jack, that glow came from the ever present fear of death, or perhaps it was in his realization that Canada could be something more. He was truly instrumental in re-shaping the Canadian political system. The two-party system took a significant blow. This covert system of government had its foundations shaken when Jack became the official opposition leader.

The establishment is still shaking in its boots. Corporate influence in government, unrestrained lobbying activities, graft, secret deals, globalist agendas and all the evils that matured over a century are still keeping a careful eye on the impact of Jack’s accomplishment and his death.

Jack, in a very short period of time, did more than any Canadian Prime Minister. This is why he deserves a state funeral. This message is intended for the Masonic media misfits who seem to find honour in trash-cans rather than heroes.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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