Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Re-incarnation of Benedict Arnold - Barack Hussein Obama

The Re-incarnation of Benedict Arnold
Barack Hussein Obama

On August 3, 1780 Benedict Arnold took command of West Point – a strategically important military post during the Revolutionary War. Arnold did his utmost to weaken and diminish the military strength of this post to help the British. He negotiated his treason with General Sir Henry Clinton, British Commander-in-Chief of the North American Military.

Barack “Benedict” Obama has accomplished the same feat in the signing of the current “Debt Bill”. The contents of this Bill are impossible to find online. This Bill will stay any tax increases for America’s wealthy, is aimed at abolishing the 2nd amendment (i.e. American’s right to bear arms), will in all likelihood reduce key social programs (i.e. Food stamps, Medicare, Social Security), will not tax American corporations who export capital to emerging economies, continues to allow huge tax subsidies to Oil companies (predominantly controlled by the British and Dutch monarchies) and fails to address CEO compensation. Gun control may be the biggest priority of this Bill – the U.S. cannot enact Marshall Law when its citizens are well armed and capable of resistance.

This Bill requires that a 13 member committee will oversee budget reform - six members from the House, six members from the Senate and the President himself. This committee can over-ride any decision of the House and Senate. It will have supreme power. The American political system has appointed Barack “Benedict” Obama Fuhrer of the USA.

America, you never won your independence! The British Monarchy continues to control your Presidential Traitors, and the City of London continues to set your monetary policy. Your military is attacking the wrong enemy. Your ships should be sailing across the “Pond” and your targets should be Buckingham Palace and the City of London banking center. I suggest you follow in the footsteps of Oliver Cromwell and not Benedict Arnold. Does the name Clinton ring a bell? The family continues to work for the British. Do Canada a favour and remove the parasitic Windsors from the throne. Put them where they belong, in The Tower of London.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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