Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome to Stagflation and the Giffen Good

Welcome to Stagflation and the Giffen Good

Quote by Alan Greenspan, a pathetic imbecile and traitor to the citizens of the USA – “We can always print more money”.

The almost five trillion dollars issued by the Federal Reserve, since 2008, has been stolen by corporate and aristocratic gypsies. Bernanke and Greenspan should be put in jail with Madoff. These idiots gave birth to a global financial holocaust. It has unleashed personal bankruptcy, poverty, crime, homelessness, revolution, debt calamities for sovereign nations and unprecedented global unemployment. The country that still believes in capital punishment fails to recognize a capital crime.

Why do the opinions of an illogical appointed duplicitous leach matter? If you can print money Mr. Greenspan, print one hundred thousand dollars for each of the 82 million families in the USA. That would approximate $8 trillion dollars and the market impact would be significantly better than giving it to your friends at no cost - to invest overseas.

The “Tea Party” good or bad was trying to promote fiscal responsibility. The House of Rothschild and company wanted global chaos. This is all man-made trauma and you are one of the villains.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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