Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BANK = Blasphemous Anarchist Narcissist Klansmen = Freemasonry

BANK = Blasphemous Anarchist Narcissist Klansmen = Freemasonry

The banks and central banks are draining every ounce of global wealth and transforming it into consumer debt. Transform a portion of your savings into Gold and Silver. This is the only way to derail these charlatans. Are the people of this world completely insane? You continue to allow your banking systems to re-structure and re-acquire more debt! Global governments have made us believe that by printing more money and giving it to the banks, for investment and job creation, our economies will improve. Then why has unemployment sky-rocketed, especially among the youth and university graduates. The U.S. and European housing markets continue to falter and the budgeted improvements in infrastructure projects appear to be a hoax. The money is going somewhere else - just like the 911 event and Haitian earthquake. Donations have absolutely no accountability or record-keeping. The money is being re-directed into projects that would make you sick.

Banks have kept the money to pay bonuses and lent the balance to their “Fraternal Corporations”. They have F_ _ Ked you. It is that simple. Corporations have more money than you could possibly imagine. Most of it derived through 0% loans, non-payment of corporate income taxes and off-shore bonanzas. Governments will have you believe that corporations in Canada and the USA are paying too much in taxes. When you look closely, many multi-nationals are receiving billions of dollars in tax refunds. This is bigger than a Ponzi scheme. Our banking systems and governments are thieves. There is simply no other way to put it. The global order of Freemasonry is protecting this corruption because all the political, banking and corporate executives are Freemasons. You must understand this one basic premise to understand why they have survived scrutiny and prosecution. Monarchies, aristocracies, church officials, politicians, judges, media moguls and many well connected professionals are Freemasons. There order has grown through nepotism, appointments, falsified educational degrees and covert hiring processes.

Banks, corporations and a disciplined government could hire and expand production in North America and Europe, but that would go against their global plan – to shift economic power from west to east. In the process, they will devise economic chaos to eradicate the wealth of North American and European communities. They are paving the road to totalitarianism. They have accomplished this mainly through our own greed and ignorance.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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