Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The “d” Word and The Truth

The “d” Word and The Truth

We seem to have a great fear about using the “d” word and gravitate towards the “r” word to put ourselves at ease. The “d” word is depression, and the “r” word is recession. We will not realize either word in the next short while. We will be experiencing the “a” word. That word is ascension. The next great collapse will bring about a great outpouring of human compassion and spirituality.

This is the first time in human history that Mankind has truly ostracized his/her spiritual self from the Divine. The “awakening” will be greeted by a great shame and fear. We will tremble as the earthquake and shatter as the most fragile crystal.

In this transition human beings will have the opportunity to ascend beyond materialism, consumerism and secularism. The tragedy is that many will perish in the transition. It is in this moment that we will learn that community is far superior to any democracy, that money truly did not buy the things that mattered most and that Fraternity destroyed God’s creation – including us.

My advice is to spend as little money as possible and exhaust it all on everything that matters, your family. My advice is to believe in no one, and heed the advice of the only One. My advice is to seek the truth before the lies imprison you into a pit of emptiness.

The Truth

Look to explain the amazement in the absurd
Lend an ear to the preachers of idiocy
Invite into your psyche the awesomeness of the peculiar
When you have done all this, you will have become a seeker of the truth.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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