Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Facts

The Facts

When Banks make a profit they pay their senior executives billions of dollars in bonuses
When Banks fail financially and require bailouts, our governments tax the public to cover the short-fall and impose austerity measures

Our governments “do not” have the authority to use tax payer dollars to provide financial security to public institutions
Our governments “do not” have the authority to exonerate individuals of inappropriate banking activity, but they do

Politicians lie when they run for office, prostitute themselves to corporatism while in office and then ask for charity when they are no longer in office
Politicians are chosen to serve a cause. Those who are not members are made to become members through threats

Who has authorized our political leaders to make war on sovereign states? I speak of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.
Murder is a capital crime but in these numbers it is a war crime. We the citizens are just as guilty for allowing our leaders to become assassins

Countries should not become the victims of debt addiction. Debt is a function of illicit banking activity and corporate fraud
Bankrupt countries must file for bankruptcy, not line up for more debt. A little rip is better than a big tear

If you want to buy time to fix the problem pull all of your money out of the capital markets, mutual fund market and anything that is not guaranteed
Protect yourself by having a percentage of your assets in Gold and Silver and do not donate a penny, to anyone and anything

The goal is to filter out the corruption in our financial institutions, political bodies and charitable organizations. They are all part of the Ponzi scheme
Protest any type of war, because the war on terror is intended to terrorize you and no one else

Buy local, buy quality and only buy what you need. Always keep a 90 day supply of the essentials
You and your family should pool resources to minimize spending. The more you spend the longer the Ponzi scheme is kept afloat

The Ponzi scheme has only one type of membership - Satanic Freemasonry.
The members of the Ponzi scheme are protected by a rogue faction of the Military Industrial Complex

The only country in the world that can reverse the current trend toward totalitarianism is the United States
The American people are the only ones who have the right to bear arms. A right that will soon become a crime

Revolution in the 21st century can only be won by guns. Words mean nothing.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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