Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Will

Free Will

Politicians are using religion as a weapon of war to create human division. Religion in its absolute sense is a force that functions to expose evil. You cannot trust in any religion if you cannot first trust in yourself. The physical realm has been manipulated by psychological interference, and in turn polluted our spiritual dominions. If God is to remain a pivotal figure in our spiritual evolution, we cannot allow others to dilute our free will. It is exactly this which Globalism seeks to imprison and destroy.

If you breathe a breath of life, you in turn exhale a breathe of death
Nature then chemically converts the exhalation into a renewed breathe of life
If life is the product of creation, then you must in turn believe in a creative process
Creativity stems not from discovering the unknown, but rather unearthing the hidden known
If you conclude that creativity is the by-product of curiosity
Then you must conclude that free will was the driver that permitted that curiosity to ferment
Free Will generally requires a thought and a deep breath
Once you have done both, you have surrendered yourself to the creative process, and a Creator.

Think about it,
Joseph Pede

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