Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From Pigs to Roti

From Pigs to Roti

“The Bay of Pigs” and the Cuban Missile Crisis could have started a thermo-nuclear war between the USSR and the USA. “The Bay of Roti” involves Africa, the Caribbean and China, and it looks to be a great “BBQ”. Communism has evolved quite nicely in the past five decades. What can we say about democracy and capitalism?

China announced on Monday it will provide $1 billion in loans to Caribbean countries to finance infrastructure projects as it deepens ties in a region historically linked with the United States. The loans will be made available through the state-run China Development Bank, China's Vice Premier Wang Qishan told a meeting of Caribbean and Chinese officials in Port of Spain, capital of oil and gas producer Trinidad and Tobago. (Reuters)

COTONOU — Benin President Thomas Boni Yayi has held talks in China with his counterpart Hu Jintao on further Chinese investment in the West African nation, a presidential adviser said on Wednesday. Yayi met Hu on Tuesday and the Benin president was expected to hold further talks with Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming as well as business leaders on the sidelines of a summer session of the World Economic Forum…."The two heads of state spoke on bilateral cooperation, particularly commercial, agricultural and construction issues," said Vincent Dassi, an adviser to Yayi, who is to remain in China until September 20. As is the case in a growing number of African nations, China has financed a number of important infrastructure projects in Benin, a former French colony with a population of some nine million people. Such projects include roads and health infrastructure, as well as the country's largest stadium and a new foreign ministry building. (AFP)

China already owns most of Africa and now it is expanding into the Caribbean. Where has North American entrepreneurship gone wrong? China’s determination and will is incredibly amazing.

Gǎnxiè nǐ hé zàijiàn,
Joseph Pede

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