Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gathering Place

Gathering Place

Adapting to the change can be a struggle
Amazing as life is, it can be a puzzle
It seems so long ago that I was first born
A creature of innocence no more capable than an ear of corn

We as a rule remember not our angelic years
Times when dirty diapers brought forward our harrowing tears
Minds were moulded by our initial impressions
Purity required not a daily confession

At the gathering place I noticed my first change
All those around me seemed so eerily strange
Shyness and fear we all had in common
The day began with the Our Father and ended with Ah-men

We did not have the luxuries we have today
A time when it was easy to meet a friend halfway
Being nice to someone did not seem like a chore
At what point did we start building so many doors

My father is old and a warrior of time
He has spoken often of humanity’s crimes
In all our greatest achievements we have not conquered hate
How does a child become victim to this burdensome weight.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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