Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Globalists Shift from Syria to Algeria

The Globalists Shift from Syria to Algeria

As political consciousness grows among the people of world, the Globalists are revising their agendas of crime and murder. All the while, the faces of global upheaval remains hidden behind the games of economic chaos and war. Due to current trends the Globalists may halt their terror regime from heading eastward. The following are important reasons why:

1. Syria openly declared at the United Nations that there is caustic foreign intervention affecting their political stability. That would be the CIA and their group of cronies. Syria stated that it would take the necessary steps to maintain the political status quo.

2. Putin is now a shoe-in for the President of Russia. Putin has stated that he will not sanction military action against Syria. It does help that a Russian naval fleet is stationed in a Syrian port.

3. Saudi Arabian royalty is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars throughout its territory to stem any potential revolution. This activity is neutralizing foreign born revolution.

4. Yemen is in the midst of civil war and not a strategic point of interest for the time being. Especially since the neighbouring Saudis are maintaining calm at all costs.

5. Iran, once again declaring at the U.N., that American and Israeli foreign policy is responsible for global terrorism. Iran has nuclear capability, but to what degree we do not know. Nuclear war in the region would be catastrophic. Israel, the third largest nuclear power with 500 – 1,000 nuclear warheads, would definitely have an impact. Iran has not been idle in the face of aggression. It stated today that it would position naval ships off the coast of the USA if it feels threatened.

6. Palestinians seek recognition at the U.N. This act alone could fuel a fire in the region. Unfortunately, the Palestinians are in no position to take on the Israelis. The matter is now under review by the U.N. But the fire has been ignited.

7. Then we have Turkey. The emerging Islamic power from what was once a model secular country. It has broken ties with Israel and its military strength could be a game changer in the region. Turkey is the Joker in the deck.

So with all the above to consider, what will the Globalists do? Well, in my opinion they will head west and destabilize Algeria. A country rich in oil and gas reserves, and citizens gifted with poverty. Algeria faces many of the similar issues as Egypt, namely high unemployment and skyrocketing food prices. In the past few months Algeria has also seen the return and presence of Al Qaida. What is really important to understand is that the Globalists are undermining African-Chinese trade relationships in the process. Fencing China in and taking control of Africa is the ultimate strategy for the New World Order. If you assess the Palestinian bid for independence you will find that the Americans solicited every African country with trade relationships with China, and asked them to side with America to defeat the Palestinian bid. This move would exonerate the U.S. from making a key decision in the region – one it does not want to make.

The big question is, “At what point will China get really pissed off?” I am confident that China was well compensated by the western military coup when it agreed to exit Libya. The game of chess continues.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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