Thursday, September 29, 2011


They will have you believe that they have financially saved Greece. They have done no such thing. They have saved the banks and F___K'ed the Greeks. This is all about making sure the lenders receive their interest payments and continue to maintain a strangle-hold on the Greek people. This contempt for the average citizen and the depths to which political leaders have prostituted themselves to a corrupt financial system is simply incredible. Political leaders congratulate, kiss and embrace themselves as one would when one returns from war. The banking pimps remain in hiding as the world sinks deeper and deeper into economic chaos.

Headline - TSX rises on German vote (Yahoo News)

A limp penis rises with Viagra but then retreats in shame

Headline – Europe again steps back from the brink (Reuters)

Yes indeed, it has stepped back from the fire and walked into the flame

Headline - German banks can stomach Greek debt (Financial Times)

How much souvlaki can the Germans digest if they lose the bet

If you are not voicing your opinion
You will one day become the latrine cleaning minion
If you believe the nonsense in the financial press
You better prepare for October, because it will be an economic mess”

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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