Saturday, October 15, 2011

An “Arab Spring” demands an “American Fall”

An “Arab Spring” demands an “American Fall”

We had the “Arab Spring” and now we must have the “American Fall”. Human consciousness demands it. Nature will not bear the brunt of man-made evil. There is no greater enemy than an enemy dressed as a friend.

Let me explain Greece:

Greece is spiralling in a sea of debt. European Union nations seek to help Greece by indebting themselves and their people. As the Greek debt heightens and its credit worthiness declines it will be subjected to more and more interest. As more European nations lend money to help Greece, their credit ratings will eventually worsen and their debt obligations will increase as well. In fact, by helping Greece E.U. nations will increase their own debt ceilings. This increase will retard their growth and they will be subjected to lower credit ratings and increased debt repayments. When the weight of the growing debt among E.U. nations increases, so too will austerity and joblessness. Eventually you will have an economic union in turmoil. The only winners will be the Central Bankers and the Sovereign debt bondholders – they will be the Kings, Queens and Aristocrats of Europe and select few others.

This plan to save Greece and the European Union is a precursor to the debt pandemic that is being silently unleashed upon the world by the Globalists. Nations who wallow in debt are less able to overcome it. Jobs and innovation can be the only saviours, and of these solutions we see none. This European Epiphany has yet to find teeth.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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