Friday, October 14, 2011

The Canadian Government is a Member of a Monarchist Masonic Terrorist Cell

The Canadian Government is a Member of a Monarchist Masonic Terrorist Cell

Canadian, European and especially American political leaders are spreading fear on the international stage, and ignoring the growing malaise, poverty, joblessness and revolution amidst their own people. These are corrupt governments and Mr. Harper has become a corrupted leader. He serves the Anglo-American Union and an evil British monarchy. We, as the Americans, now accuse and convict foreign nations on American based propaganda and not facts. The facts are something we have failed to receive and challenge. This is due to the growing secrecy within our governments and the growing excuse of National Security. Who gave them this right?

Iran is the "most significant" threat to world peace and security, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday after the US accused Tehran of plotting to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington. "We have no quarrel with the Iranian people, but the regime in Tehran represents probably the most significant threat in the world to global peace and security," Harper said.

Unlike like his Tsar, Mr. Flaherty remarked:

The European debt crisis poses a significant danger to the world.

You have a growing revolution in the United States, global economic instability, a collapsed EURO, a valueless American Dollar propping a global economy whose foundations sit atop treachery and lies, and a continuum of war intended to destabilize oil rich nations. Our democratically elected political leaders have grown distant from the democratic process, yet they continue to wage war on democracy’s precepts. Why have our voices been silenced and why do political and business leaders attempt to do harm to those who protest the corruption? These Slaves of Satan are conquering the world with fear-based propaganda. They have an unholy and insatiable urge for power. Their path of destruction has included genocide, grand larceny, crimes against humanity and they are now attempting to imitate the apocalyptic fulfillment of Bible prophecy. That makes them heretics!

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Joseph Pede

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