Sunday, October 9, 2011



Politicians are using the word “democracy” in the media quite often these days. That means they and their controllers are running scared!

It's great to see Americans starting to protest the actions of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. While these institutional whores must be brought to justice, we must first address their pimps (i.e. the monarchs and aristocracy of Europe). The assets of every monarch and aristocrat must be confiscated. These century old scavengers must be dethroned and made to scavenge with the sewer rats. Machiavelli warned us of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. We do not take advice well. Royalty holds trillions of dollars of our wealth, and all of it stolen through manipulation and secrecy. The Queens and Kings of Europe, Middle-East and Asia are the most dangerous people on this planet. Every time they wave and smile they draw us deeper into the grave. A global revolution makes these disciples of Satan public enemy number one.

Is it not odd that the mainstream media does not report the revolution and protest in our western democracies? The aristocratic whores will counteract this insurrection by destabilizing the Middle-east, creating war or God knows what. These crown-bearing sewer rats are really evil people.

It may be time to get completely out of the stock market. If their game is in play they will steal trillions of dollars from the masses. Protect yourself and your money. They need the money to prolong the death of the Euro and the U.S. dollar. The people are interfering with their criminal plot.

This is a good time for you all to review my 2011 predictions. They were made January 2, 2011 - placed on this BLOG on March 25, 2011. The lottery numbers I posted on this BLOG in September 25, 2011 is a ctually a very simple cipher. Decode and see what the results reveal. The tipping point this month may occur when the TSX and NYSE indexes have similar values and both the Canadian and American currencies are at par.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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