Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Fat Tax" for Fat Heads

"Fat Tax" for Fat Heads

In Canada, we introduced onerous tobacco taxes to curb smoking some time ago. In addition, the government made it mandatory to disclose the health effects of smoking on cigarette packaging. From 1980 to 1993 cigarette sales diminished from 65 billion units to 30 billion units. From 1994 to 2001 cigarette sales increased and the volume remained relatively stagnant - approximately 45 billion units. There was a general reduction after 2001 but in 2010 the numbers began to climb – to approximately 32 billion. The tobacco tax has raised untold tax revenue but we do not seem to know if mortality rates have decreased. We need to know why there has been an upsurge in cigarette sales. Economic and financial stress being levied on individuals may be a key contributor.

The likelihood is that everything in excess is bad for you, with the exception of sex I presume. Now our governments appear preoccupied about the fat content in our food. First it was sugar and then salt. Then please tell me why they have allowed soft drink manufacturers to dramatically increase caffeine levels in soda and fruit flavoured drinks. If they can’t get enough nicotine into the bodies of our young adults, then our governments will allow “corporations” to increase the caffeine content in the food and drink products they sell. The coffee explosion has also contributed greatly to the intake of caffeine among younger adults and children. But let us not worry about this sad subject for the moment. An early morning coffee will undo the alcoholic hangover caused by the stress of not being employed, and a double-double will ease the pain for university graduates who are unable to find a job.

Let’s get back to fat. Fat is great for comic relief – fat head, fat ass, fatso! Then we have dickheads. These are government officials who encourage unhealthy public enterprise at the expense of the public health; then they try to undo what they have approved by telling the addicted public that the products they approved for ingestion were really not good for them after all. So to reverse their mistakes they introduce a tax. In essence this is a food tax because there is fat in all foods. If, however, the intent is to rid our society of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Harvey’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and all the other fast food chains, then you have my tax vote. The objective is not only to reduce the fat intake in our bodies, but to also reduce the waste going into our landfills. Mother Nature is fat from the refuse this industry generates and others like it.

My hunch is that the Globalists are having a hard time introducing the satanic New World Order carbon tax, so they have resorted to a “fat tax”. Let us see how many other countries jump on this gravy train. What next a water tax or air tax? When we have achieved an acceptable level of fat, we will then start with a “bone tax”. The boneheads are preparing now for this inevitable tax.

Can someone introduce a bill which would allow the public to personally tax politicians for the lies they perpetrate? We would then need no other form of tax.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

P.S. The Greek tax is terrible. Greeks not only feel it when they bend over, but even when they stand or lie down. This kind of tax addiction is inhumane.

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