Monday, October 3, 2011

Greece – A Ritual Sacrifice and More

Greece – A Ritual Sacrifice and More

The great modern day ritual is slowly reaching a climax. You would think that the New World Order is gradually euthanizing Greece, but rather they are symbolically sacrificing “Democracy”. This is a primary step in the ceremonial process of establishing global totalitarianism. Greece will experience mass unemployment, poverty, inflation, an insurmountable national debt and ultimately the country will be carved up. In the end, the country’s national assets will be seized by the central bankers. In the same vein, the Globalists are trying to re-establish economic colonialism in Africa, and in so doing, attempting to reverse the influence of China on that continent.

While western societies may fear communism, theocracies or restrictive democracies, they may be the ideologies that ultimately save western democracies. A strong and independent China and Russia will serve to block the crusade of the western financial lunatics, namely the Federal Reserve, Rockefellers and Rothschild’s. If we cannot achieve global peace through human understanding, then we must achieve it through the presence of strong opposing forces - one keeping the other in check. Those opposing forces will achieve success through diplomacy and not war. In August, 2010 I wrote the following poem. It is in my September, 2010 Blog content.


Phythagoras a god in ancient Greece
Humanity’s understanding of mathematics he did increase
Socrates’ contribution was to the field of logic
His wisdom no doubt labelled him demagogic

Aristotle fathered poetry and physics
It was also a time they played with eugenics
Plato philosophized of a true democracy
The times were tired of a brute aristocracy

But what of all this history and magic
The Iliad and M MX appear more tragic
Has the glory of Hellenism come to expire
Ignorance in finance may have created the mire

Greeks labelled lazy and idle
In anger some have turned homicidal
Branded tax evaders and not very realistic
Inevitably they have become a global statistic

Investment bankers smug in the turmoil
Government officials a bankruptcy they could not foil
The IMF and Germany pledge ready a new tomorrow
A whole bunch of money ready to borrow

Amidst the chaos, the sum of two ones no longer equals two
Logic sterilized by a much stranger brew
Words of poets ravage the mind
The new Democracy not very kind

To a great people I say I am sorry
Your legacy sits lifeless on a rusted lorry
Shamed by the greed of an invisible hand
Revenge and death we await by Zeus’ command

To Jason we beseech the golden fleece
To Alexander the Macedonian to bring a new peace
To Homer we seek the story of a new journey
To the men of evil the invocation of a flaming gurney

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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