Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

This a special day when no cock will do
Nor a leg a mutton from an unsuspecting ewe
Put the steaks back in the frosty freezer
It’s time for turkey and a well dressed Caesar

The grandparents arrive for the festive occasion
Lysol readied for grandpa’s bathroom invasion
A few moments later arrive Mom and Dad
The better half advised to be gentle and to not get mad

Wake the kids from their sombre state
A puddle of urine in Andy’s bed heightens the heart rate
Take the dog out for a quick walk and pee
Your daily exercise, a poop and scoop by the neighbour’s tree

Set the table with the finest bone china
In between pack the luggage for the trip to South Carolina
Table the condiments to complete the meal
A surprise serving of ox tail stays hidden until the big reveal

The dining room quickly fills as we all take a chair
Dad readies everyone to say the Lord’s prayer
With an amen mom quickly begins to carve the tasty bird
Grandpa compliments the occasion with a noisy bean curd

Raise the glasses as we cheer to our health
A time to remember the true meaning of wealth
Hold dear your family on this special day
A night’s end thank God, if you have not forgotten how to pray.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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