Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Man in the Iron Mask / The Worst Economy in Europe

The Man in the Iron Mask / The Worst Economy in Europe

Why is it that good men die violent deaths and evil men escape the hands of justice? I speak not of puppet dictators whose characters have been created through espionage and covert imagination, but rather malevolent individuals whose facade has been absorbed by the adulation of an unsuspecting public. Machiavelli is more relevant today than in any other time in history. The main protagonists have prospered in their timid disguises while unleashing war, economic chaos and genocide. At one time these murderous aristocrats had authority over serfdom, today serfdom have become their gullible pawns.

The upheaval in the Middle-East is an experiment in power, nothing more and nothing less. More likely it is a diversion intended to put into motion a much more sinister event. Oil rich nations have made trillions of dollars over the past five decades. Big Oil profits have soared as the people of these regions languished in poverty, oppression and quasi-dictatorships. The question you need to ask is, “why have our governments allowed the citizens of these countries to be ruled in an oppressive fashion when they had complete geo-political and economic control of the regions?” Because the Hollywood script reads better when you murder an evil dictator rather than remove a democratically elected leader. Democracy is the only thing that will never take root in the deserts of the Middle-East. It serves no purpose for the Elitists. Future leaders will continue to be Zombies – the walking dead.

Your Hollywood Producers include the House of Windsor, Queen Beatrix of Holland, Prince Christoff of Germany, the Rothschild clan and the multitudinous aristocrats whose titles require an insatiable urge for power. Their survival is predicated on our destruction. These are sick and thwarted minds whose quest for totalitarian rule will not rest. They remain haunted by the likes of Cromwell and all those who tried to rid the world of these diabolical monarchies. We are the Man in the Iron Mask.

The organizations, military, fraternities, committees and unions that have seized greater power in the past one hundred years are the tentacles of these extremely sick human beings. Hussein, Mubarak and Gaddafi where comfortable allies until they became dispensable pawns; today humanity is considered no less. We must depose the monarchies and do to them what they have done to humanity for millennia. They are not pretty and handsome, they are sick and evil. Their controlling interest in oil, pharmaceuticals, bio-engineering, climatology and technology have been acquired through secrecy and control of the very institutions we thought democracy built.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Greece may steal all of Europe's economic woe headlines, but all is not right on the other side of the continent. According to the latest figures, unemployment in the United Kingdom has jumped to its highest level since 1994, and more than one in five 16-to-24-year-olds can't find a job for the life of them. The numbers sound daunting — 2.57 million Brits are without work, by numbers from the Office for National Statistics — and an 8.1 per cent unemployment rate is nothing to sneeze at.

The worst economy in Europe is being protected by the Elitists. Great Britain, especially if you include Ireland, is wallowing in economic turmoil. An American Fall would be well complimented by a frozen monarchy.

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