Monday, October 3, 2011

Mr. Flaherty, there is no solution to the Greek debt crisis?

Mr. Flaherty, there is no solution to the Greek debt crisis?

You cannot have Greece acquire more debt, at higher interest rates, when the current debt is unmanageable and impossible to repay. Greeks are losing their jobs in the tens of thousands, and thousands more have not received a pay-cheque in months – nurses, police officers, firemen, city workers are living off their life savings and not the efforts of their work.

Global governments are so preoccupied about saving the banking system that they are destroying humanity. Mr. Flaherty, the banks and the people who own them are not worth it! Let the Central Banks fall and let governments manage monetary policy and the distribution of currency! FIAT currency has run out of gas. Private bankers are war-mongering Pimps who seek divisiveness, assassination, chaos and economic turmoil. When you finish building more jails, make sure they occupy them. War crimes have no time limit.

If we allow the central banks to fail, you will find every parasitic Queen, King, Prince, Princess, Duke, Baron, Earl and the myriad of aristocratic titles come crawling out of the royal sewer. Titles are for books and movies not for heredity heretics who think they have some bloodline authority over mankind. Similarly, you will find every Wall Street or comparable executive crawl out of the manure patch. The global economy can only be saved by innovation, not obsolescence, by job creation, not job loss, by the eradication of Freemasonry, not fraternity and by investing in peace not war.

To the people of the world – our politicians are fools following in the footpaths of fiends. Politicians will understand the situation better when they have no food to eat or job to sustain them. The assets of all the royal families should be confiscated immediately. They belong to the people.

To the Greek people – fight back! Your politicians have made you prostitutes. Take back your democracy.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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