Friday, October 14, 2011

Privately Owned Central Banks are Unconstitutional – “Commence a Global Class Action Lawsuit”

Privately Owned Central Banks are Unconstitutional – “Commence a Global Class Action Lawsuit”

There are no legal grounds for any country to repay their national debt to i) privately owned central banks, ii) banks who have borrowed from central banks or iii) banks who have issued reserve currencies without some form of measurable and tangible hard asset to validate its issuance. If such circumstances, repayment of any debt would be unconstitutional.

The logic is simple. If I lend money to someone, money that I have legitimately earned, that money inherently contains a quantifiable distillate of something called “work”. In addition, it has been subjected to a formal taxation process, and as such, it has a legitimate inherent value. It is important to note that neither party produced or counterfeited the currency on which the transaction was based. In the loan transaction, one party offers money that has been “sanctified” by work and the other offers to repay that debt with money that will be “sanctified” by some form of future work. In essence, both parties are bartering their particular vocational ability – money is simply a means of tracking that measure of work.

Privately owned Central Banks print money with no measurable form of inherent work, and as such, their currency is void. Additionally, any interest charged by the Central Banks would be considered fraudulent. TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD – BANKERS ARE THIEVES WHO SHOULD BE JAILED. They are indebting the world in order to collapse it. Do not let a few night crawling cockroaches take command of our efforts and good nature. They have not earned it! BRING DOWN THE POLITICAL AND JUSTICE SYSTEM THAT PROTECTS THEM. The current system of government is called FASCISM not democracy – the merger of state and corporations. Please check this definition so that you can better understand what your future holds – it will eventually give birth to Totalitarianism or a rogue Kakistocracy. If you do not wish to become part of this horrific system, then act now to stop it. You don’t have much time left.

We should be asking our politicians to issue a “Class Action Lawsuit” against all privately owned Central Banks and their cohorts.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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