Saturday, October 15, 2011

Protest to Win

Protest To Win

Nature now readies to transition from life to a tranquil sleep. All the while life is burning inside it - ready always to exhibit its wonderment and wrath. Nature never forgets its true purpose and essence. It has an instinctual supremacy that ignominifies Mankind. It has adapted magnificently to the Creator’s universal design; something humanity has lost in its survival strategy.

The word “technology” has Greek origins. It means the study of art, skill and craft. It is a word which very much emulates the virtues of God. Globalists have manipulated technology to achieve a very different end - one that renders human beings redundant. We must be as Nature, capable of adapting to the variability of life, even when it too becomes the unsuspecting victim of a misdirected technology.

Sleep if you must but stoke the flame. The flame inside you is eternal. It has been placed there by the hand of God. It serves to ignite the mind, inflame your senses and warm your friendship with Nature. More importantly it is the one gift we all share in common. Together we are more powerful than the Sun. Bring your frightened thoughts to life. Walk in the footsteps of those who have been long forgotten. Explore what has been hidden from you. PROTEST TO WIN!

Added: October 16, 2011

Your protest is not just about corporate greed. It is about the following:

War, lobbyists and government corruption, jobs, opportunity for all (make illegal Masonic corruption), fair taxation, bank reform, role of central banks (disclosure of ownership and return to a gold standard), capital market reform (derivatives, hedge funds, currency/futures markets), bullion and precious metals manipulation, debt, media manipulation, transforming our oil based economy, redefining the purpose of education, set term limits for government and senior public servant positions, eradicate all monarchies, secrecy in government, human & civil rights violations and FREE SPEECH. I am confident that many of you could add to the list.

Mr. Flaherty, Canada is not fine. We are an appendage of a much greater whole. When the illness spreads, we too shall become susceptible to its wrath. You cannot preach globalism and not measure the impact it will have on "local".

Pater caelestis, qui est omnium creator et omnia quæ non. Rogamus ne ulli aut coetus personarum unius ad indebita tu creasti omnia. Cognovimus nos ruinam, et orate pro ope divini. Tollite timor remaneat in cordibus nostris excitare sensum percipere quod in hypocrisi circumstans nos perducat renovatae gaudium nostrum. Ut enim Dormitaverunt nimium diu. Deinde uita aeternitas est donum, non corporalibus.

Dominus præbent fortitudinem his, qui ascendens in via redemptionis. Domine, quaesumus, animos eorum, qui dolorem inferunt, fratribus necessaria esse percussum de libro vitae. Oramus ergo iterum facta digna tuis nisl. Ut simus natura.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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