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This Is Why Gaddafi Was Murdered

This Is Why Gaddafi Was Murdered

Germany is 55.5 billion euros ($78.7 billion) richer than it thought due to an accountancy error at the bad bank of nationalized mortgage lender Hypo Real Estate (HRE), the finance ministry said. By Sarah Marsh and Thomas Seythal | Reuters – Sat, 29 Oct, 2011

You see folks, this is how big banks make their money. They create war, assassinate political leaders and murder thousands of innocent people, so they can say they found an “accounting error”. Gaddafi was murdered by CIA mercenaries and the like, so they could destabilize Libya and steal its wealth - he was liability (i.e. credit) who was transformed into an asset (i.e. debit). According to intelligence reports Gaddafi surrendered under a white flag with assurances from NATO allied governments that he would not be harmed. He was sodomized, had a metal pipe stuck up his ass and then he was shot in the head. These actions describe a sinister Cabal, and they happen to be our leaders. It took an army of nations to kill one man who was singularly rebuilding Africa with his vast oil, gold and monetary wealth.

What people don’t understand is that Wall Street can sell out the American people to countries like China and India, but Gaddafi was not allowed to rebuild Africa without a Central Bank headed by the Federal Reserve and its European controllers – "there ain’t no money for the crooks in that kind of action".

The last time the Germans made such a mistake is when they permitted a Jew by the name of Adolph Hitler (nee Rothschild) to wreak havoc on Europe.

Added comment:

An “Income Statement” sums a company’s revenue less its operating expenses. In fact, it measures the cumulative effort of many inputs and interactions. The positive or negative result of all these inputs is then added to the company’s “equity”. Should equity continue to grow, the company will continue to prosper. Oddly the larger the credit amount, the greater the chance of continued success. Equity is a “Balance Sheet” item which records the cumulative effort of all these actions. Should equity transform into a positive balance, and continue to grow into a larger positive, the company, in all likelihood, will go bankrupt (die).

Banks have not only bankrupted the fervour of entrepreneurship, they have also learned how to manipulate the balance sheet, especially that portion which refers to equity. Equity is no longer derived by that distillate called work, but rather by legalized criminal conduct. Even when the too big to fail are allowed to die, they are resurrected by a necromancy which undermines the individual taxpayer, and not the corporate benefactor of the toxic assets.

The magic in this is that “equity” has become as the “soul”. A soul has eternal life regardless of the state of its cumulative equity (i.e. positive or negative). I guess the only negative outcome for the soul may be transmigration. The lesson in all this is that “corporations” have become as the Frankenstein of old.

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