Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Underwear, Oil and Odds

Underwear, Oil and Odds

The Underwear Bomber is now on trial. The evidence will show that he did not take his Viagra pill on a timely basis. Because he failed to get an erection the detonator was not depressed as planned. It goes to show that the Underwear Bomber should have travelled with the Shoe Bomber. When an erection fails a good kick in the nuts (i.e. by the Shoe Bomber) would have engaged the exploding device. Who believes this nonsense? Hilary Clinton looked jubilant as the propsects for global unrest heighten.

Hillary Clinton, a third degree witch stated several months ago on television when asked about her husband, Bill, "I don't Channel for Bill."

An American-Iranian attempted to hire a Mexican hit man, only to find out he spoke to an FBI informant in error. The target was the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Washington. The murder plot was foiled by skilled American Intelligence organizations. The Mexican informant, who worked for Taco-Bell, told FBI agents that the Persian man first asked for a “Shawarma” insurrection with cheese. He wanted the big one to have a chewy taste when he ate it. A language barrier was a definite factor in this foiled plot. Who believes this nonsense?

Minister Baird hosted Canadian oil executives in Libya, and brought along $10,000,000.00 for the kitty. This is Canada’s share for the poker ante. Harper, Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, Berlusconi and the Rothschild Family are going to play cards. The winner gets to pick the next Middle-Eastern country they want to invade. Do Canadian oil executives really have to be groomed to steal Libyan oil and then sell it to the world at exorbitant prices? French fries and a Coke would have done the trick! Where did Gaddafi’s $200,000,000,000.00 go?

The Israeli’s are giving the same odds as Wall Street traders. Those odds would be 1,000:1. It works this way. Wall Street invests $1.00 and loses $1,000.00. It then asks the government to print $100,000.00 to cover the $1,000.00 it lost and pay the balance in bonuses. Because the Israelis have released 1,000 Palestinian prisoners they have to go to war and collect 100,000 more prisoners. After all Bernie Madoff never said the Ponzi scheme was just about money – good head counts too.

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Joseph Pede

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