Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walls of Jericho

The growing European debt is a wall built with no stones. Europeans, start casting stones at the masons of doom. Scream and the Walls of Jericho will fall. Greece - Papandreou is a traitor.

Walls of Jericho

Wake my little muttons and impish sheep
Awake, awake from your meandering sleep
Your journey is nearing its intended end
A shearing or skinning the future does portend

Bah, Bah bad indeed
You finally discovered that you were chicken feed
Time to waunder away from the nefarious shepherd
You’ve realized his true nature is like that of the spotted leopard

Gather all your mustard and walk the cobble
At destination “Main Street” you will commence your squabble
Upon your arrival the cattle will greet you
Be still as you smell the stench of festering pooh pooh

The pigs, goats and chickens you will find by the watering hole
A shared sip of water will then give birth to your dormant soul
Be not afraid of the duplicitous butchers
They are the walking dead of the demonic pushers

Sound all the noises in God’s great creation
Let your yells cast all Freemasons into eternal damnation
Squawk until your feathers transform into a frizzy plume
“The Walls of Jericho” will once again meet their intended doom

Then look up above to herald an eagle
Ask that he find a dove to cast away the remaining evil
Occupy Wall Street with certainty and pride
Your journey is accompanied by a Prophet who long ago died.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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