Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Alarm Has Gone Off! – Time to Get to Work!

The Alarm Has Gone Off! – Time to Get to Work!

If one is figuratively asleep when one is awake, could you imagine the implications of being truly asleep. The answer is; you’re dead. We must break the back of all long-tenured institutionalized governments, whose control over society has been impregnated by a Luciferian and Masonically controlled media. These are in fact, terrorist cells that have infiltrated every public institution so as to corrupt the very essence of that institution. The decadence and corruption is so deep and so virulent, that in comparative terms, it is equal to the “Black Plague”. Our political, military, media, banking and corporate sectors are one fraudulent institution (The Madmen). They are transacting the fall of Mankind.
Democracy has no leaders. They are insane, maniacal and genocidal war-mongering hypocrites whose excuse for murder is enveloped by a false sense of security and an enemy whose existence is a figment of their own misguided imagination. Other than our own leaders, the only other enemies we have are the fools that have volunteered to destabilize sovereign governments.

Please consider this. Other than 911, which was an orchestration of the Bush government, there has been no attack on North America since Christopher Columbus landed on San Salvador in 1492. I of course exclude the territorial and internal military disputes among the French, Spanish, English and Dutch. They along with the Jews annihilated the North American Indians and African Blacks - the true citizens of both American continents. Oh yes, I did forget Japan’s attack on Hawaii. This was another act of war orchestrated by the U.S. government.

If terrorist Islamic fundamentalists existed to the degree that our media presents, then most of our national leaders would have long ago been assassinated and important government buildings, would have been razed to the ground. We have killed millions of people in Africa and the Middle-East and no retaliation? We are fighting an enemy that does not exist. Our Madmen walk the streets with no protection because they need no protection.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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