Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday is coming – Are you ready?

Black Friday is coming – Are you ready?

Why is it that only the Americans can have a special name for the onset of retail chaos? This momentous event occurs just after the American Thanksgiving Day festivities, and many Canadians partake in the retail extravaganza. In a gloomy economy the Retail Council of Canada should be using their marketing prowess to assist Canadian Retailers. We don’t have the retail power or the voluminous inventory available for amazing clear-out specials but we certainly have the ability to pick a day and make it stick for future retail generations. Here are my top seven picks - one for each day of the week (up-dated).

Monday – Mulroney Money Laundering Days
Tuesday – Trudeau’s "mange la merde" Days
Wednesday – Wartime Pricing Days
Thursday – Tehran Nukes the Prices Day
Friday – Freemason Fire Sale Days
Saturday – Satan’s Out of Cash Sale Days
Sunday – Santa's Sinful and Sexy Day Sales


Harper's Ho Ho Hold The Taxes Sale Day

Come on Mr. Harper, let's have a
No HST Day
or week for the entire country. That should boost the economy. Don't be like Scrooge and let your friends steal all the money from the government coffers. Mr. Tony Clement have you been a good boy this year?

Joseph Pede
Originally posted 11/23/2009

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