Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Greek Referen”dumb” – OPA!

The Greek Referen”dumb” – OPA!

From debt, to austerity to now direct democracy. The land which gave birth to the individualist point of view is now the centre of global economic chaos. Why would a majority led Papandreou government be asking the Greek people to vote on a European bailout package? The rioting and chaos alone should be an indicator that the Greek people have had enough. This reminds me of when Pontius Pilot asked the Jewish people to render a decision on the fate of Jesus. Did the people choose wisely? You be the judge. This is the biggest economic event in 2,000 years. The only difference is that Papandreou is not Barabbas but rather Henry VIII.

The first thing to consider is that the Greece will “never” be able to repay its current debt, let alone any additional debt. The Globalist mission is to sacrifice democracy so as to reign in totalitarianism. This is a ritual sacrifice. This referendum has a duplicitous nature. I am a firm believer in rigged elections. In fact, democracy and the vote are the only means by which the Elitists have managed to stay in power for so long. Canada is no different. Prime Minister Harper is a Monarchist slave heeding to the Globalist agenda. Our two-party system is empty and void of any true objectivity. My belief is that Jack Layton was murdered to protect an institutionalized and corrupt two-party system. While Layton had not achieved the stature of a Kennedy or Martin Luther King, his agenda truly talked of change. Layton was a Masonic traitor, and he paid dearly for his treason.

Direct democracy works only when the ballot is visible to everyone and everyone visibly sees how an individual casts his/her vote. A vote cast on a computer or a piece of paper are subject to manipulation. Computers can be programmed to produce any result the Globalists desire. Even when an outcome appears incorrect or improbable there is little to be done after the fact. I once again draw attention to your hydro meters. These devices are “overcharging” every householder with impunity. The owners of this technology are the Monarchs of Europe and Japan. They are stealing billions of dollars from people all around the world, yet little is being done to undo this enormous theft. This is why your hydro bill is going up, the meters are rigged!

If Greece is serious about removing itself from the European Union it must first seek the help of the “International Court of Justice”. There it must file a claim against the privately controlled Central Banks. Greece must argue that these banks are unconstitutional, and that the bailout decisions were made to enrich a select few and not improve the economic affairs of Greece. This same action should be taken by every country whose economy is controlled by private central banking. The owners are thieves, murderers and war-mongering heretics.

As Anthony Quinn, a Mexican-Irishman said as Zorba the Greek – OPA! To the Greek people - Get these central banking fuckers out of your country. A circle is much more powerful than a pyramid. Start dancing!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

There is an interesting spin in the meaning of the name Barabbas, as told by Morning Sky. When Jesus went into the Temple to rid it of the blasphemous merchants, Jesus entered the temple with his son. The argument is that Jesus was married and had a son. Barabbas means "Son of the Rabbi". Both were arrested by the Roman soldiers. The Jewish people did not choose to crucify Jesus, Jesus chose to be crucified, to save His son. This however does not exonerate the actions of the Jewish people. No matter how you look at it Jesus sacrificed Himself to save someone.

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