Friday, November 4, 2011

How a “Test” could become a Biblical “Tribulation”

How a “Test” could become a Biblical “Tribulation”

Folks a while ago I mentioned how November 9, 2011 could become an ordeal for the world at large. This, the day of the infamous “Quatuor Coronati”, will see the United States government conduct, for the first time in its history, a national test of the Emergency Broadcast System. The implications could be ominous. Shutting down all radio, digital and electronic signals will impact not only the media, but also the internet. Well, my dear amigos the internet is the backbone of all banking and commercial activity in the U.S.A., and the globe. This shut-down will impact all security and military networks as well. Shutting down the entire network to conduct this test could have dire consequences, especially if the systems I just mentioned falter or refuse to re-start as planned.

The Globalists plan well and they plan in advance. Every major political or security event is an opportunity to create chaos, especially if previously planned “Armageddons” have failed. Libya is a perfect example. These war-mongering heretics never imagined that Gaddafi’s Libyan resistance would last so long and would be so effective - it still continues after his death. These lunatics were ready to invade Syria, but could not do so because of delays in Libya. My belief is they considered an Algerian revolution in lieu of Syria, but that too became unfeasible. Syria now poses a serious concern. Putin is technically in charge of Russia, and with the Russian naval fleet stationed off the coast of Syria, this could pose a real danger for an invading army. On top of all that, Turkey has given Israel a cold shoulder and Iran has already made their intentions known in the event they are attacked. Syria is a hornet’s nest, especially if the entire Middle-East “finally” unites against a NATO attack against Syria.

With all this uncertainty the U.S.A. and NATO may have given Israel the green-light to attack Iran. Jews be very cautious of Netanyahu. This man will sacrifice you and your nation in the blink an eye. He is one of the most evil Zionists on the Globalist stage. Israel is the biggest pawn in the newest strategy. Chess is a wonderful game, the King can push the pawns forward, but the rooks and bishops can move in any direction.

It is no secret the Globalists hate Putin, even though he may be one of them. It is sad to conclude that Russia, and Putin, could become the saviours of democracy. If Putin allies with the Globalists he will eventually be discarded and China will have no choice but to succumb. Putin is that important on the world stage. In the revised “Animal Farm”, Turkey is the joker and Russia is pensive bear. 2012 will be the year of the dragon. Typically, a dragon year brings woes and troubles. Let us see if Hu’s patience turns to ire. We are living in very dangerous times, and we don’t know it.

Canada, electing Harper was a “big” mistake.

Happy Remembrance Day,
Joseph Pede

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