Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Johnny Go Get Your Gun - For the Soldiers Who Still Remember

Johnny Go Get Your Gun

Hey Johnny, go get your gun
That’s a man’s way of having some fun
Load the cylinder with a full metal jacket
The road is now primed for you to join the stickin’ racket

Make it interesting and wear fatigues
Appear a true member of the warring leagues
Cap the outfit with a green beret
It’ll keep the hair in place without hair spray

Test your metal and fire a shot
Deer not eligible to be saved by a surgeon’s knot
Aim high so you can see the dead-head splatter
Just for the sport of it, it really doesn’t matter

Gut the kicking buck with your bowie knife
The innards steam as the prey leaves this worldly life
Skin the quarry of its outer layer, and
Leave the hide as a warning to the other forest players

Johnny has just experienced the thrill of death
It wasn’t hard to watch nature take its last breath
But put a bullet in another man’s brain
Could you stomach a corpse’s enigmatic strain

Murder has now climbed to a higher degree
What made it right is that Uncle Sam made you a draftee
Put down the gun before it’s too late
You’re fighting a war for someone else’s hate.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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