Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Pyramids are Old

The Pyramids are Old

There is one thing we have failed to recognize in this battle of good and evil. The people at the top of the pyramid are getting really old. These doomsday disciples dislike the time honoured tradition of aging. I truly wonder if they are prepared to meet their devilish god. When the Pharaohs died they brought an entire living entourage with them to the grave. Old habits die hard. These disciples of doom still consider humanity their subservient dispensable chattel. They prefer company as they travel through the gates of Hell.

Ordinarily seniors appear docile and kind. Their wrinkles cart a great deal of wisdom. This is typically the greatest attribute that seniors possess. In most cultures elders are revered and looked upon with admiration. We are the unlucky inheritors of some very mean “old people”. If you examine the root cause of this great dilemma it may come down to one thing, colour. They consider themselves the guardians of the white gene. Stupid us, we could have won the racial war by being better at procreation. European and North American reproduction rates are extremely low compared to African, Middle-Eastern and Asian nations. We just don’t stack up.

The logical conclusion is that non-white nations will conquer Caucasian nations by reproduction rates alone. Immigration into Europe and North America has strengthened this possibility for Islam, China, India and many other non-white cultures. The big question is, “will Caucasian nations, with existing large non-white populations, be able to maintain their authority over these individuals?” This is a major dilemma for the globalist. Africa, China and India alone hold 60% of world’s population. Add Mexico and South America and the white man’s representation continues to fall.

For the globalist, the slaves have escaped captivity and something must be done.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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