Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Return to Black & White

Return to Black & White

In the crossing from black & white to Technicolor we misplaced something extremely important. Black & white pictures and movies made the subjects mysteriously real. We knew not the subject’s eye colour, hair colour, clothing colour preferences or the colour of the automobiles they drove. The only thing black & white accentuated was the true character of the individual. The protagonist could not hide behind a mask of colour. That which was void of colour was full of truth and honesty.

I measure America’s dwindling greatness by the increasing hues of horror. When I watched Henry Fonda in “Twelve Angry Men”, or James Stewart in “It’s A Wonderful Life”, or Humphrey Bogart in “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, or Frank Sinatra in “The Manchurian Candidate”, or Gary Cooper in “Meet John Doe”, and so many other great movies, I was inspired. My imagination explored all possibilities, my heart became impassioned and injustice never seemed a possibility. This seemed true for the entire world as well.

Beyond filmography America lived the experience of Black and White; of racism and destiny. The reckoning of the white man and the Negro paralleled America’s rise to greatness. Today I reminisce in times gone by tuning into the Turner Broadcasting Network. It is the only television station that still offers the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Much like Sidney Poitier in “The Heat of the Night”.

For the world to return to greatness, America must return to greatness. This greatness will be born through innovation, fairness, opportunity and a nation who seeks peace and not war. Whatever evil has permeated this great nation, it must be shattered, whatever ideals have been lost, they must be rebuilt, and whatever truth has been buried, it must be resurrected.

In its recent history America made a grave mistake. This mistake was made by a select few. You do not punish a nation, or sacrifice destiny, to protect the integrity of a few misguided individuals (dead or alive). The truth is black and white. It must dash head-first into the tyranny that has taken root in America’s soul - much like Errol Flynn did in the “Charge of the Light Brigade”.

This is an extremely important Thanksgiving for America. Think black and white.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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