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2012 Predictions - Planned Prophecy brought to you by Hallucinating Heretics - The Birth of Nihilism

2012 Predictions - Planned Prophecy brought to you by Hallucinating Heretics
The Birth of Nihilism

This will be a year to remember in every sense of the word. Please enter these dates in your calendar.

The Ides of March and the Russian Presidential Elections will end the cycle that began August 4, 2011. They will rein-in a momentous event. The dates range from March 4 – 15, 2012. I will state again that Vladimir Putin is the only man on this planet who can stop the New World Order. Please read my December 6, 2011 commentary:

The Summer Olympics in England and Elizabeth Windsor’s Diamond Jubilee will ring-in the second Ides. The Olympics will take place between July 27 and August 12. The Queen’s anniversary officially begins February 6, 2012. Prince Harry’s return visit to Afghanistan, as a helicopter pilot, will also have special significance. His demise could spark the final phase of the Globalist agenda. Please read my April 4, 2011 commentary entitled “The 2012 London Olympics – The Last Illuminati Festival”.

The American Presidential Elections will be finalized on November 6, 2012. Obama is the Manchurian Candidate. Even if he wins, he loses.

The one hundred year old Federal Reserve Charter will terminate on December 21, 2012. This will officially mark the death of the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. It will go to the grave accompanied by the E.U. The globalists held both currencies on life support during 2011. While a failed Middle-East crusade has stalled their over-all agenda, the plug will be pulled at the end of 2012.

Unnatural Disasters may include the following. Please read my November 9, 2011 commentary at:

Cumbre Vejia could be used as a military weapon by Russia, Middle-Eastern countries or an unforeseen friendly entity. Depending on the degree of civil unrest, HAARP could initiate a major earthquake in the U.S.A.

The Globalists have tried to introduce a Super virus for the past few years. A weary public has stopped them dead in their tracks. 2012 will see a nanotechnology-laced super-bug introduced into the environment. Governments will then try to force individuals to be injected with a deadly vaccine.

Financial Forum Foretells of Fading Fortunes:

1. Low interest rates will keep banks and sovereign debt afloat until it is simply too late for an unsuspecting public.
2. Printed money will continue to cushion the incremental cost of servicing sovereign debt. The abundant money supply will create unprecedented stagflation. Inflation statistics will continue to be masked while the cost of food, water, oil and gas skyrocket.
3. Credit-ratings will impact the viability of specific banks and nations. This will allow Tri-lateralists to place more of their hand-picked minions into key governmental positions.
4. Bankers, Globalists and the European Monarchies (specifically Elizabeth, Beatrix,Rothschild/Aldobrandini, Rockefeller) have set the stage for WW111. What was planned over a century ago by Mazzini and Pike will come to pass unless everyone of these heretics is made to pay for their crimes against humanity.

Continue to look up into the skies for “sneila”. Stanley and his friend Neil Armstrong will be watching with their “Eyes Wide Shut”. They will finally have an impact on prophecy.

The sum of all these events will make you wish that November 22, 1963 had never occurred. Petrus Romanus as foretold by Malachy will found Hell on Earth. Mazzini and Pike’s manifesto which started with Communism, then moved to Nazism, will end with Nihilism. Their coded initials are found in CNN (Communism, Nazism & Nihilism). The founder of this news organization, Ted Turner, in all likelihood may be the author and architect of the Georgia Guide Stones as well. The 7th Seale (Ronald A. Seale) - Master of the “House of the Temple” will re-enact the 33rd degree rite to resurrect the remains of Albert Pike, after a long slumber in the House of the Temple.

This will be the first and only Easter Christmas.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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