Monday, December 26, 2011

The Human Paradox

The Human Paradox

We bestow love and extend hate
We take the obvious and make it oblivious
We massage the message and get fat for facts
We smile and ready our fangs
We extend life and make it unliveable
We perfected the family and broke the mould
We cure disease and launch pandemics
We seek justice and practice infamy
We pray to God and then ask for forgiveness
We are the masses and they are a select few

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Have you noticed the House of Windsor making all the news? Phillip had surgery, Harry saved a friend, William is rock‘in with commoners, and Elizabeth gave a heart-warming Christmas message. ALL NONSENSE!

In my poem, “When the Elephant Farts – September, 2010”, I compare the USA to an elephant. The symbolism presents a huge authoritative creature with an immense power to impact its surroundings. The elephant however has a small brain compared to its body mass. Likewise, the USA is controlled by a small clique of British-American traitors. America never won its war of independence! In July of 2010, Elizabeth visited Manitoba, Canada to re-inaugurate the Magna Carta. She was in fact cementing its death (i.e. the right of habeas corpus or the right to due process and illegal detention were sacrificied that day).

We saw the first instance of this when Canadians rioted at the G8 summit. Toronto Police Commissioner Blair and Ontario Provincial Premier McGuinty both violated the protesters civil and human rights. They remain unaccountable for their crimes. In the same month I wrote a poem entitled “Magna Carta”.

The British monarchy is a fraud. Please read my August, 2011 commentary entitled "The Re-incarnation of Benedict Arnold - Barack Hussein Obama"

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