Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Man in the Shadow

The Man in the Shadow

Once upon a time
When philosophy ruled over rhyme
Men dared to ask the reason why
It helped to ease the pain of why flesh would one day die

Men stared into heaven
Comparing the soul to a baker’s leaven
They grasped the grains of ashen earth
Born through death and then again rebirth

God carefully guided humans in their act of being
Sacred knowledge He knew, little-by-little, was indeed worth freeing
He eventually rewarded Mankind with a gift divine
One who one day would transform water into wine

A shining star was His calling card
His departure upon the cross the darkness marred
Light to dark marked His passage
Humanity’s soul His journey was meant to salvage

A baby in a manger appeared to be no great mystery
Of His life and times there is little recorded history
Consciousness has transformed Jesus into heavenly cargo
Remember Him not as the Man in the Shadow

Thank you and Merry Christmas
Joseph Pede

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