Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Singular Plan for Planetary Prosperity

A Singular Plan for Planetary Prosperity

In the year 1204, Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone founded an order that would re-define Catholicism. In fact, his work may have rebuilt Christianity. Francesco, the son of a wealthy merchant, converted to begging and eventually founded the Franciscan Order. This man became one of the most revered saints in Christendom. He was known as St. Francis of Assisi. Between Crusades, Mongol invasions and the birth of the Magna Carta, he lived in a rather eventful century.

Why is Saint Francis important today? Well in short, he was a man who inspired thousands, while rebuilding the Catholic Church throughout Europe and Eastern Europe. In so doing he taught peace and brotherhood. So what does this have to do with a plan for prosperity today? Well it’s easy. We have massive global unemployment, increasing global poverty and an army of young men and women who can no longer find success in their selected vocation. This is what the “Doctrine of Obsolescence”, “Corporatization of Education”, “Capital and Banking Manipulation” and “Masonic Nepotism” was intended to create.

I say enroll in the very institution that controls the planet. That would not be the home of Uncle Sam, but rather St. Francis’ home. That institution would in fact be the Vatican. It is time for Christian men and women to join the seminary. Free education, free food and you would never become an unemployment statistic. The job comes with a life-time vocation guarantee, lots of travel and a great retirement setting. There has never been a better time for the resurgence of the priesthood and the nunnery. Christianity is looking for a few good men, and women.

Your mission is simple. Purify the Church, enlighten the masses and destroy Freemasonry. You will find that Freemasonry has taken root in the Church as well. In so doing, you will eliminate war and find that which you hunger most today – an understanding of our times and the true meaning of your life. You can take a pet along your journey. St. Francis loved them. Pets have become unfortunate victims of our current economy as well.

Happy New Year,
Joseph Pede


Francis loved everyone. He found no enemy in the journey. If he did he turned them into friends. Followers of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism must seek the same journey. Our leaders are dangerous not the ideology.

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