Wednesday, January 4, 2012

America – Do you not see the Resurrection of the Devils?

America – Do you not see the Resurrection of the Devils?

In watching the Republican race for the U.S. presidency you get the sense that evil is permeating throughout the social fabric of America. Former vice-president Al Gore, a Democrat, is debasing Ron Paul in his attempt for the Republican nomination. It just goes to show you that the two-party system is ultimately the one-party of political corruption.

McCain, the war mongering war hero, is back from the senate chamber to endorse Mitt Romney. You know Mitt, the guy who inherited the silver spoon from daddy, and is now telling everyone what a great capitalist and business man he is - just like Donald Trump, and Trump is debasing Ron Paul too. I wonder why “The Donald” pulled out the Presidential race. Was he threatened, or was the pay-off just too big to refuse? Trump hates everything about American politics yet he is determined to back the old guard. This does not make any sense.

Watching the American news media, and specifically CNN, you would think Ron Paul came in last. I’m not even convinced he came in third. I think he won the Iowa race. With the U.S. so involved in war, puppet dictators and rigged elections abroad, I am confident the Bush Party Neo-Cons have done a great job of manipulating the vote tabulation in Iowa. Can you believe that the voting tabulation was carried out in a secret place? Then we have the most evil woman in the world, Hilary Clinton, commenting on the irregularities of the Russian Presidential elections. This woman should be locked up in a FEMA camp with the Rockefellers and Rothschild.

Gingrich on the other hand is maintaining a low profile and using emotion as a means of discarding his past, and the multi-million consulting fees he received from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Ron Paul is correct. This man is a chicken-hawk. Santorum surprises me. A Christian conservative who seems infested with the “war tick”. He wants to bomb everyone. Abortion, murder and genocide must have a completely different meaning in the Bible he reads.

Let’s not forget Perry - another good ole boy from Texas, just like Ron Paul. This Texas Governor legislated that young women must be injected with a poisonous vaccine in his state. The vaccine is made by Gardisal Pharmaceuticals, and it is supposed to prevent cervical cancer in young women. My hunch is that it will sterilize women and give them life-long medical problems. Many reports already confirm this. You don’t think Perry did this out of concern for young women do you?

I would venture to guess that all Republican candidates, except Ron Paul, are eager to expand the U.S. military budget and global war. Ron Paul, a medical doctor and military veteran, is the only candidate that seeks to end war.

America! When you wake from your deep sleep you may find yourself in a bath of shit. The American economy is gearing up for a great fall, Obama is revving up for a billion Democratic election campaign, and the Straits of Hormuz are ready to create an oil nightmare, amongst something else the Neo-Cons want. America – Get rid of the Old Guard. These blood-sucking devils have no interest in your constitution, your Bill of Rights or your economy. The NDAA proves that.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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