Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The future of “American Politics” is a shadow of its recent past!

The future of “American Politics” is a shadow of its recent past!

Please make sure you read the last two paragraphs of this commentary.

The facts are simple. Ron Paul seeks to restore the American constitution and the Bill of Rights. He seeks monetary reform and the end of U.S. global military intervention. Many preliminary polls, prior to the completion of a caucus, show Ron Paul ahead, yet the final results seem to disregard this reality. The obvious flaw would be the integrity of the “voting systems”.

Computerized voting systems can be easily manipulated to construct whatever end result the “hidden powers” wish to produce. This is no different than the pre-programmed Las Vegas slot machines. The odds of someone winning are pre-set. THE PROBLEM -The ballot is a non-verifiable document that can be substituted or modified after it is cast. In order to have verifiable elections the ballot must adhere to the following process:

1. A pre-printed computer ballot, with the name of voter, must be generated prior to the vote.
2. Once a voter has received his/her ballot, the voter must print on the ballot, their full address and social security number. Upon doing the forgoing they are then to select their candidate(s) and place their signature on the ballot. This is to be done with a pen and not pencil.
3. Finally, the ballot must be inserted into a voting machine by the voter. The machine is to display the impact of the voter’s decision on a screen. If the machine correctly tabulates the ballot contents, the voter is to receive a receipt of the ballot-to-date results prior to leaving. This remains an audit tool should something go awry prior to the completion of the total vote.
4. The number of ballots generated (done by a competent authority) must be made public – prior to the first ballot being cast. The number of ballots cast will automatically be known by the end of voting.

The process described provides 100% accuracy and cannot be manipulated. This process leaves the voters in charge and not special interest groups who have rigged elections for centuries.

Apart from the above, I will make the following prediction. Ron Paul will never win the Republican nomination. He will seek a Libertarian route to the presidency, but that will fail as well. Romney will select a woman for his vice-presidential candidate. On the democratic scene, Joe Biden will retire and Hilary Clinton will be named Obama’s vice-presidential running mate. Obama will win the presidency. Tragedy will befall Obama and Hilary Clinton will become the president! She, like her husband, works for the British Queen and not the American people. You can then draw your own conclusions.

Please read my August 3, 2011 commentary entitled “The Re-incarnation of Benedict Arnold - Barack Hussein Obama” and you may understand why. You need only read the first paragraph.


Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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