Tuesday, January 3, 2012

God, Gold and Guts

God, Gold and Guts

The Globalists want everything – your God, your Gold and your Guts. They (papacy, monarchies, aristocracies, presidents, prime ministers and masonic minions) have used the Reserve Banking System to manipulate your mind and compartmentalize the human race. In fact, bankers have gradually joined the ranks of the aristocracy over time. They are now an integral part of the re-invented form of the Merovingian dynasty.

Freemasonry is the building block of the Illuminati pyramid. Freemasons ultimately report to royalty and they may not realize it. Freemasons are obedient minions who only seek financial security through nepotism. They are in fact building an impenetrable wall of corruption. For example, the Knights of Malta report to Prince Matthew Festing and ultimately the Pope and the English-Rite Freemasons report to Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who ultimately reports to his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II. You can do further research on the Scottish-Rite, The Black Pope and the Jesuits, the Rotarians, Skull & Bones, The Golden Dawn and so forth, at your own leisure.

I really encourage people to read the following article in its entirety. It is entitled “Canadian Researcher Proves "Unimaginable Conspiracy" and can be viewed at the following LINK.


As we move from “In God we Trust” and the death of money, the Globalist’s ultimate mission will be to make sure God becomes collateral damage.

We can save the banking system, but we need not save the bankers. Reserve Banking is the ultimate Ponzi scheme. Remove the bankers and have currencies backed by measurable assets (ex. gold, silver, oil). You can even have a one world currency and eliminate currency, futures and exchange markets, make illegal all non-measurable financial products such as derivatives, peg interest rates to taxation and inflation rates, have only one form of corporate share ownership, abolish mutual funds (this gave the Globalists the biggest financial push in the history of Man) and have all banks nationalized (remember the slogan – we the people?).

Free Will can win.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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