Saturday, January 7, 2012

Prince “Illegitimate” Harry Windsor – His prominence in the year 2012?

Prince “Illegitimate” Harry Windsor – His prominence in the year 2012?

Someone has asked why Harry Windsor could be an important figure in 2012. As I have stated in my December, 2011 “2012 Predictions Commentary”, Harry is training to become an Apache helicopter pilot. His objective is to return to active duty in Afghanistan sometime in mid-2012.

What the general public may not realize is that “Ginger Harry” may not be Prince Charles’ son at all. In fact, he may be the son of James Hewitt – Lady Diana’s one time lover. The resemblance is striking. Harry’s untimely demise in Afghanistan (fiction or real) could definitely spark a greater event. Something the Globalists are itching to put on the world stage.

Should research brought forward by Ian Halperin in 2009 be true, Harry has no legitimate claim to the British throne. He is in fact “damaged goods”, and damaged goods are expendable. Please read the article written by Ian Halperin at the following LINK:

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