Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prime Sinister Stephen Harper’s Attempt at NDAA in Canada

Prime Sinister Stephen Harper’s Attempt at NDAA in Canada

The Tory government has introduced legislation that will require Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to provide intercepts for law enforcement agencies (i.e. for the purpose of ease-dropping on internet conversations and emails). This new legislation will attempt to convict pornographers, organized crime groups and suspicious activity. The “thought police state is coming to a theatre near you”!

This act is appalling when you consider that the Harper government has become one of the most secretive governments in Canadian history. At this point in time, Canadians should be demanding more access to our government and what are leaders are secretly orchestrating. I refer to border agreements, unfounded murder and wars, Agenda 21, Bilderberg summits and New World Order agendas.

All this is being concocted for the sake of security and better law enforcement. But who enforces corrupt government? Billions vanished under Premier Dalton McGuinty’s leadership, Police Commissioner Blair violated civil and human rights at the G20 meeting (under the direction of Harper and McGuinty), politicians like Tony Clement “stole” millions of taxpayer dollars, a military Colonel guilty of multiple murders, a banking system bent on destroying the capitalist system and a British Monarchy employing global chaos to ensure its survival. Finally, let us not speak of the nepotism and corruption in Freemasonry and its marriage to government. If the public were allowed to tap into every Masonic Lodge across this country, the truth would spark revolution across this country and around the world.

We do not need government accessing free speech across the internet, but rather, we need to abolish the two party political system in this country, convict corrupt public servants of crimes, and find political leaders who wish to represent the people, not the monarchy, freemasonry or some hidden agenda.

While JFK spoke of secret societies and their horrific impact on humanity, Benjamin Franklin may have summed it up more concisely:

"Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security."

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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