Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jesus Never Wrote a Book

Jesus Never Wrote a Book

Jesus never wrote a book
Rather He met up with every villain and banking crook
Street people gathered round to hear him rap
Magdalene ended each sermon with a rhythmic clap
Money lenders made Him out to be a holy heretic
Pilate rather wished that he was Arabic

On the Mount of Olives Jesus spoke of end-time prophecy
In Paul the Persecutor, Jesus' words reveal their secrecy
Apostolic toil has sewn an unholy apostasy
Gospel wisdom carefully rewritten by a devilish adultery
Peter’s keys used to unleash Pandora’s Box
Thomas the doubter reborn as the silent fox.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Those who plot against God's creation will in time become the uncreated. Their treasonous reward will be in their soul’s apocalypse. The disciple that satisfies the assassins’ plan will likewise be baptized into eternal condemnation. The meek indeed!

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