Thursday, May 17, 2012

Banks & Corporations – Masquerading as Charitable Organizations

Banks & Corporations – Charitable Organizations

Over a decade ago banks and corporations united to steer a duplicitous mission of charitable work. They sequestered our capital, through the advent of bizarre financial instruments and government protection, and estranged it from the very people and economies that created that capital. They did this to both destabilize stable nations and propagate new economies. In so doing, they brought about the greatest re-distribution of wealth ever known to mankind. The wealth moved from democratically elected capitalist nations to third world economies not from the work of charity, but rather from greed. While enriching third world countries they also satisfied their own lust for money and power. The peoples of capitalist nations were the indirect philanthropists of this charity, while their agents (banks and corporations) did their best to betray their benefactor (us).

While banks and corporations huddled in opportunism, they ultimately created the greatest global quagmire of our times and all time. Are the BRICS or other emerging economies in Asia, South America and Africa to blame? Absolutely not! Our political leaders provided the legal and financial framework which allowed banks and corporations to be the financiers of war, financial chaos and economic tyranny. Governments have allowed banks and corporations to write their own rules by deregulating common sense and espousing white collar crime.

Our CEO’s and political leaders are lying criminals who have carried out the will of shadow governments. They have misspent our money, our trust and our future. Their agenda was not to assist third world economies, but rather to establish them as economic and military antagonists. In other words, banks and corporations have used our charity to do what all charitable organizations do – keep the destitute, destitute.

There has never been a better time to take Wall Street, Bay Street, the City of London or whatever name you subscribe to these Masonic Zionist hell holes, and the political leadership that has allowed this to happen, and place them in hell’s chains, surrounded by fire, demons and maggots.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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